Would you like to get the most of your vacation in Paris? Do you want to enjoy tourist attractions during the day and don’t want to miss a glimpse of this beautiful city? Or maybe you are coming to Paris for a business, or a conference and you cannot shop during regular hours? Don’t worry, I got you covered! I will book for you private appointment in the showroom and boutique after their regular opening hours so you can find your perfect pieces!

* 3h experience focused 100% on you!
* I will preselect fabulous outfits for you based on your body type, taste and preferences
* You will try fabulous clothes in the fully privatised showroom
* You will learn what kind of clothes makes you look and feel your best
* You will meet local fashion designers, enjoy glass of champagne and macarons
* You will go home with fabulous pieces that you would have never found in your country
* If you have a time for a full makeover: I will make for you an appointment with a celebrity hair stylist and/or make up artist!

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